Any interest in a paper napkin swap???

I’m not talking about Scott paper napkins; I’m talking about the pretty ones you use for entertaining or for my purposes – making stuff. Check out Beryl Taylor’s site. My friend, Barbara, made this in one of Beryl’s classes this past June and now I am the happy recipient. Barbara gave it to me for a birthday gift…I’m so lucky.

Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift

Today I went out at lunch to mail my SS gift (MQR: ) today…I was late in mailing it because I could not find a box that it would fit in. There was a box at work that has since been modified to fit. Afterwards I went to Home Goods. That store is dangerous. It is a good thing my home is small and all already has too much stuff in it. There were these lovely paper napkins which are used to make this project. Barbara loaned me her copy of Beryl’s book and sometime tonight I will read the directions.

Now to the swap. If anyone is interested in swapping paper napkins, I would like to swap out 15 of mine. As you can see I have a small collection. Each pack contains 20 napkins and I need to keep several or my own projects and in case mistakes are made. Post a comment to let me know if you are interested! Details will come later.

Oh, check out this site…such a cute bag give away.  Bonnie is so generous:



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