Nudge, Nudge…and a link to a contest

I’ve been nudged to post to my blog.  Can’t say that I am doing very well with the blog; however, I have a little time now.  My course work is complete and I passed Statistics with a B+.  Would have loved the A but oh well I should not complain.  Soon enough my GPA will be posted and I will be able to send my final transcript onto Rutgers for my MSW.  It ‘should’ have been there months ago but that’s hard to when you finish undergrad work on July 26th.  A huge milestone has been obtained and I am proud of myself for finishing.  Yet at the same time I believe I’m disappointed in me because I it takes so much time away from my kids.  We used to do more together and heck I would be able to quilt more often as well.  Choices…not always easy even when you know it took the right path.

I was quilting this weekend!  First a glass of wine was necessary…LOL!!  It has been a while and I do not have pics yet to show.  It is coming along nicely considering my lack of practice.  Thanks to my friends for their quilting ideas.

Also had a sewing day yesterday with my friend, Marlene.  It was a good day.  Marlene and I have known each other for about 9 years.  We met when we both worked at JoAnn Fabrics part time.  Marlene knows how to sew as this is what she know does for money.  Anything from curtains to costumes for theaters and dance studios.  I knew how to quilt and Marlene was interested so I offered to teach her.  We’ve been friends and doing all sorts of fiber work since then.  Yesterday Marlene worked on some charity quilts for a local orphanage and I worked on a couple of projects…knitting the same pair of socks that have been on the needles way too long, picking out blocks for a row quilt project with the guild starting in September and lastly the Double Wedding Ring that Marlene and I each started doing one at the beginning of the year or somewhere thereabouts.

Mine DWR is huge, of course, nothing small for me.  Marlene’s is a wall hanging as she just wanted to try it out.  I had grand plans for mine but alas my mixed regular DWR and Wedding Star has changed directions.  The stars did not turn out the way I wanted and took way too long to execute so they are nixed.  It will still be a gorgeous quilt once it is complete.

My boys and I did some cleaning out of ‘extra’ furniture in the house and I did went through textbooks to see if I could sell them somewhere or give them to the community hall for their reading library.  I hate to throw things away.

Oh that reminds me I prepared my fabrics and embellishments for the inchies project on MQR.  I’d write more but work (my paying job) calls…more later.

Oh the link to a contest….click here for a cool give away:

Good luck!


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