Wow – it’s been a whirlwind….

The last couple of weeks have just been crazied.  It all started with the expectation of a business trip.  With the two boys needing someone to look after them while I’m away, making arrangements for Austin to get to and from soccer practice, making sure PJ studies for his final exams while I’m away and making sure the sitter(s) know what each boy is allowed and not allowed to is tough enough.  Add to that a trip to the emergency room.

Austin is my athletically gifted child…and also the one who gets hurt the most!  It is not always on the playing field either.  It seems to be worse just before or on the day that I go away that Austin gets sick, needs to go to the doctor or to the emergency room.  If it only happened once, I could chalk it up to coincidence…but that is not the way it happens around here!  This will be the 2nd time I’ve needed to take to him to the ER within 12 hours of my boarding a plan.  He’s been to the doctor numerous times the day before and during my trip which only makes it worse for my mom.  My mom is not known for her patience…I guess I get that from her….anyway I’ve gotten calls while on the runway saying that he is sick or something sort of ailment has found him, and messages stating that something happened at the daycare as soon as I’ve turned the cell on after the flight.  Coincidence is not what’s going on here….it’s just plain Austin being Austin.

This time he fell off (or pushed as he likes to say) the top of the slide.  Either way, his arm (inside of elbow) was red, soar and somewhat swollen.  Off to the ER to get it checked out and no sooner do we get the x-rays taken that he is laying on the bed with BOTH arms raised over and behind his head like he is relaxation mode.  UH…if you are able to bend your elbow like that…why are we here???? I ask?  Oh, then the pain comes back and he moans and groans how much it hurts!  Ok – well better to get it checked out and be sure I say.  I only had about 6 billion other MOM things to do at home…so spending 2.5 hours at the ER was not in the plan.

Oh, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m taking Statistics.  I’m a week behind with handing in an assignment BEFORE I leave for a 5 day business trip.  Come to find out that I have no free time at all during the trip except starting at 10 p.m. or before 6 a.m.  I had 2 hours only by chance and I quickly made arrangements for a co-worker to help me out.  She did and I was able to work out a couple of questions.

Here’s the kicker for this whole trip…I did not realize that Austin’s school was CLOSED on Friday…the day my mother was supposed to go home as she had plans.  This was not good at all…SERIOUSLY NOT GOOD.  My mom would hold this over my head for an eternity plus blab it to all my sisters and brothers how inconsiderate I am.  So, much stress later I pleaded with one of Austin’s friend’s moms to have the boys have a play date on THURSDAY for Friday.

So, it all worked out in the end.  Mom got to leave, my assignment was turned in a week and a half late and Austin had a play date Friday afternoon.   However, the stress of it all is a bit much.

The best part of the last couple of weeks was when my boss said we could skip our last meeting and catch an earlier flight home.  This was fantastic news as Austin was making his cross over in Webelos!  I made it home in time to spend some alone time with PJ to catch up with his week and then we headed over to the celebration!

Life is good!



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