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New to blogging…

May 26, 2008

Hello All,

Sometime ago I created my blog site but then promptly forgot about. I was creading on MQResources about Illo Challenge that Carla Barrett posted. A few others have jumped into the ring and wanted to create a blog to post their illos. This prompted me to get back over here and give it a go.

Quite honestly I’m exhausted and am avoiding doing homework (Statistics – UGH!). I do not like the font of in my header and I would prefer to change the name of my blog all together. That will have to wait for another day. Perhaps I will write to Carla and ask for assistance – She’s LOVES fonts and recently shared a site for free fonts – I like free things!

My youngest son and I went to a football fund raising dance tonight for 6-graders. Mind you my boys are in 3rd and 9th grades. I signed up to help with fundraising and this was the first event for the 2008 football year. It was actually fun. We heard a great deal of music I typically do not listen to and watch the boys and girls huddle together in separate areas for a good part of the night. Then the co-mingling started and it seemed like more fun for everyone. There was only one really CLOSE slow dance between one boy and girl…the chapperones were watching carefully to see if we need to ‘step’ in…but no sooner was the song over and the two of them separated acting as if it was no big deal at all. PHEW!

Bye for now,



Long Weekend….

May 26, 2008

It seems that this weekend went both slow and fast at varying times. Waiting for the parade to start for example took forever. Having a little time to myself without the kids wanting something went too quickly. Now having a full sink of dishes to do…well that’s another story.

I gardened this weekend and enjoyed every moment of it. Having dirt going through my hands seems to create calming sensation. Now if only the flowers would grow into and over their pots more quickly! So many things on my list did not get accomplished at all – like that quilt that is long over due. All of the laundry did not get put away and there is more in the washer and dryer. I’d like to say tomorrow is another day but I have a meeting tomorrow night for football. Yes, that’s right football season is really never over. This year I volunteered to be co-chair of fundraisers. Friday night was the first dance for the 6th graders and it was fun but tiring on the feet. Next time sneakers or flats will be worn!

My friend in Washington sent me some blueberry bushes and those are all potted and in the box was the extended base she makes for the Hinterberg V17 that we both own. I’m heading upstairs to install it – it shouldn’t take too long.

A company in our building at work recently moved out and left behind some chairs and furniture. I took one nice chair as my new sewing table chair – it does so many things (up, down, back moves forward, rocks all the way or only the back part will rock if you want) and a two-drawer filing cabinet. My oldest just looks at me as if to say – where the heck is all this going? I don’t know just help me get in the house. Both the chair and the cabinet are in the studio/attic which is finished with heat and everything. It’s wonderful up there. Now after I install the extended base side supports to the base of the machine, I will tackle putting the drawers back in the cabinet and that’s probably it for the day.

More reading about Experimental Psychology and Statistics for me! So far, stats is not as bad as I thought it would be but it isn’t over yet.

Have a good one.